I miss the Deadline.
What do I do now?

Please note that over the last 30 days URBT has done everything possible to reach out to the SHE Beverage Stockholders. 

We want to see you win!

She Beverage Shareholders
I miss the deadline! What do I do now?

Stock Certificates are now being processed.

Why Choose URBT

Things to Know

URBT has never been part of SHE Beverage. However, we understand your frustrations in this transition.

Things To Know

We purchased the assets of SHE, not the company.

Things To Know

It is our intent to list on NASDAQ within this year. Which means that we must have a minimum stock price of at least $5 per share

Things to Know

URBT is a telecommunication company, that seeks to grow through acquisitions and building brands that change the way we live our lives.

You will need to get an approval to transfer your shares!

We have about 300 families that have missed the deadline. We may be able to still transfer your shares of SHE Beverage, however it will now require an approval.  Listed below are reasons that we believe will allow you to transfer your shares to URBT.


Reasons for Approval

Quick Overview

The power of capitalism is not a social or ideological agenda. It is not “woke.” Capitalism is driven by mutually beneficial relationships between investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and communities that our company relies on to prosper.

The financial growth that URBT seeks to help our stockholders achieve is not created overnight. Financial growth is a long-term endeavor. For the past few years, I have taken a step-by-step approach to create the framework for financial growth.

Joseph Collins - CEO
Joseph Collins CEO

Meet Your CEO

Joseph is the CEO of URBT. He was elected CEO in October of 2014. He grew the value of URBT from $25,000.00 to more than $70 million dollars. In 2020 he made a $50 billion dollar offer to buy Warner Media / Warner Bros from ATT.



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URBT Studios

URBT Studios

CEO Joseph Collins has spent the last few years covering the country to build the URBT Studios. He has successfully lobbied in the Indiana state legislation to pass film tax credits for filmmakers in the state.

If you need help call us 213-594-5552

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