Urban Television Network Corp. is seeking visionary investors that would like to be part of our amazing company.
"URBT" is a must!

As a business unit URBT is planning to building a 100 acre mixed use entertainment complex.

We are seeking a very special and patient investor that is willing to grow with our company.

URBT is raising $1 billion dollars
by selling 100 million shares of common stock
@ $10 dollars per share

“This multi-use facility complex will be the hub of digital arts entertainment.”

Introducing URBT Studios

We are introducing the URBT Studios, an entertainment and media oriented master-planned community, which will include:

  • A media production and broadcast studio mixed-use complex designed as a work, shop, dine, and play destination.
  • 12 state-of-the-art television studios
  • Work-related and permanent residential upscale housing (1,000 condominium residential units)
  • 500-room hotel
  • We plan to create approximately 500 new premium-level jobs at URBT Studios
  • We plan to create approximately 700 new retail and dining jobs
  • 500,000 square feet of upscale city walk type retail space

URBT Studios will be a 100+ acre multi-use soundstage/office/retail/residential development undertaking. The complex will offer its clients all the conditions required for state of the art television and film production. In addition, the adjoining premises of the complex will provide all the necessary conditions for work and the comfort of guests.  

The URBT Studios complex represents revolutionary change in a trending new retail to work to housing environment. There is still a vast opportunity for both studio complex and retail operators to innovate, capture value, and stay relevant for the 21st‐century. This is particularly true in emerging markets, where rising incomes, higher discretionary spending, and urbanization have created an opportunity for social, commercial and entertainment destinations.

URBT plans to invest half a billion dollars over the full development life-cycle of this development, turning our master-planned community into a major entertainment and media mecca.

URBT - Studios Night
URBT Studios
URBT Studios Los Angeles
URBT Studios
( We have entered into a letter of intent with a lender to borrow $70 million dollars for Phase 1 of this development )
This "Exclusive" opportunity is available for the most forward thinking investor!


Your investment is an investment in our entire company, not just a business unit.

Investing  in in URBT may contain a degree of risk. Please review the perspective before making your investment or speak to an investment professional.