Urban Television Network Corp. originally launched as an over-the-air television network on October 21, 1986 in the United States targeting the urban demographic. Initially created and developed by Fred Hutton (among others) early programming featured independently produced films, older sitcoms, and dramas, along with 1930s and 1940s public domain race films.

Due to financing needs, Urban Television Network suspended all operations on May 1, 2006. Years later in 2014, Joseph Collins, Jr. became the new CEO. He paid off the company’s debts and created a new vision for the company to expand through acquisitions.

The company’s competitive advantage lies in the power of the URBT team; our workforce. We have a team of creative, results driven and highly proficient television experts, a team with excellent qualifications and experience in various niche areas in the television industry. Aside from the synergy that exists in URBT’s carefully selected workforce, our services will be measurable, result driven and guided by best practices in the industry. URBT is mindful of the fact that there is stiff competition in the television industry, hence we have been able to hire some of the best marketing experts to handle our sales and marketing.

The goal is to establish Urban Television Network Corp. as the leading provider of high-quality urban media content. One of the most significant media acquisitions that the company pursued was a bid to buy Warner Media from AT&T in February of 2021. Urban Television Network Corp. made a formal offer of $40 billion that would have given the company access to a vast array of media assets, including HBO, CNN, and Warner Bros. Although the acquisition didn’t materialize, the bid demonstrated Urban Television Network’s ambition to grow its media portfolio and become a major player in the industry.

A more recent and successful acquisition by Urban Television Network Corp. was the $54 million asset purchase of She Beverage Media in 2022. This transaction gave the company access to several valuable assets, including the WFLA brand football league for women, a church app, a branding company, and the ability to brew. The church app is an innovative platform that connects pastors and their congregations. The branding company specializes in developing creative strategies that resonate with urban consumers. The ability to brew gives Urban Television Network Corp. the capacity to produce and sell beverages, creating new revenue streams.

One of the benefits of Urban Television Network Corp’s media acquisition strategy is that it allows the company to diversify its content offerings, attract new audiences, and explore new distribution channels. Another benefit of Urban Television Network Corp’s media acquisition strategy is that it allows the company to consolidate and optimize operations. By rationalizing media assets, the company can eliminate redundant functions, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. This process creates investor value by increasing profitability and enhancing Urban Television Network Corp’s competitive position in the market.