Executive Producers


urban television network corp. intends to spend half a Billion dollars on new shows, movies & series for our 2024 - 2025 season!

Urban TV Network Corp. has a major announcement regarding its programming budget for 2024 – 2025: the company intends to invest half a billion dollars on developing new material and creative projects. This bold move marks an impressive shift in the resources available to filmmakers, producers, and directors looking to get their work out.  Urban TV Network Corp.’s commitment to serving as a premier platform dedicated to bringing unique stories from diverse voices into the entertainment landscape.

The historical launch of the Urban TV Network Corp’s new $500 million dollar programming initiative marks an exciting time for the entertainment industry.

URBT’s new investment certainly presents a tantalizing opportunity for content producers to be seen by a larger audience. With the potential of reaching millions of viewers, it could be the perfect opportunity to push your project further.

Don’t miss this unique chance, submit your project before it’s too late! URBT is leading the charge in moving forward, so don’t let this massive chance pass you by! For producers looking to make it big with their ideas and stand out from the rest, this could be your break. Now is the time to seize this golden opportunity and place your work in front of enthusiastic viewers eager for something new. 


Filmmakers this is your opportunity to grow your brand, distribute your project and reach a wider audience!


Please note that your submission is for consideration purposes only. It does not guarantee placement, nor does it guarantee a contract.  All content must be received through the submission process.  We do not accept submissions by any other means.  Our team will contact you if we are interested in moving forward with your project.